A New Hope

I’ve been blogging about Canadian politics for a few years now, but changes at Xtra – where I’ve largely been doing said blogging – mean that my contributions there have been scaled back. While my daily political round-ups will continue at the old Hill Queeries site, my other blogging needed a new home, which I’ve set up here. That means that my Question Period recaps, Q&As with MPs and Senators, and essays about issues of the day or my own particular musings will now be found here. Some of that will be things that I couldn’t really justify putting on an Xtra blog, so expect a wider variety of content here. I’m also hoping to do a few other things, such as video posts and maybe even some audio/podcast stuff, which I’ll also include here.

Hopefully this particular blogging project will lead to bigger things. After all, freelancing is a tough gig, but as an avowed junkie of Canadian politics, this is a job I love with a passion. I’m looking forward to the challenges and rewards of this new venture.