QP: Paradis asserts his innocence – again

It was day two of a series of self-congratulatory members’ statements for the NDP, and Thomas Mulcair was again given the opportunity to shine without Harper present. Not that Mulcair really did, as he utilised one of the small lecterns on his desk to read his script from, asking first about the F-35s not meeting the Statement of Operational Requirements. It was Jason Kenney’s turn to be designated back-up PM, and he got to repeat the “no contracts signed” talking point that the responsible minister might otherwise have in his place. When asked about changes to the OAS, which Libby Davies in turn followed up on, Kenney and then Kellie Leitch both recited the talking points on being concerned for future generations. Davies then turned to the question of downloading healthcare costs onto the provinces, giving Leona Aglukkaq the opportunity to trot out her “Liberals gutted provincial transfers” talking point. Bob Rae turned to the issue of Aveos and the laws put in place around the Air Canada privatisation, but Kenney decided that rather than give an actual answer, he would repeat the attack ads about how Rae was a terrible Ontario premier. Rae’s final question was on Christian Paradis’ latest ethical gaffe, around the hunting trip, but Kenney assured him that there was in fact no conflict of interest.

Round two kicked off with Christine Moore and Matthew Kellway returning to the issue of the F-35 SOR (Fantino: Yay RCAF!), David Christopherson asked about the post-living differential afforded to military families (Fantino: We need to face the economic reality but wait for the budget), Alexandre Boulerice and Niki Ashton asked about the Robocon issue (Poilievre: We’re cooperating, Del Mastro: That’s all false and you diverted funds to the Broadbent Institute), and Charlie Angus and Guy Caron asked about Paradis’ hunting trip (Paradis: I paid my own way and brought my own food, and they didn’t lobby me anyway). Stéphane Dion asked about the Aveos issue (Lebel: This is a private sector issue), Lise St-Denis returned to the Paradis issue (Paradis gave his very same reply), and Wayne Easter asked why the Conservatives refused to show any humility amidst their various ethical lapses (Del Mastro: Sponsorship scandal! Missing $43 million! Never mind it was $39 million but I guess he’s figuring in inflation).  Closing off the round, Olivia Chow, Isabelle Morin, Peggy Nash and Pat Martin each asked about the Aveos issue (Lebel: This is aprivate sector issue).

Round three saw questions on the search and rescue failure in Labrador, insufficient francophone presence in the Atlantic search and rescue centre, EI claims delays, the F-35 SOR, Aboriginal skills development, and the downgrading of that Arctic research facility.

Sartorially speaking, snaps go out to Rosane Doré Lefebvre for her white dress with the black pattern and a black jacket, and to Matthew Dubé for his tailored black suit with a crisp white shirt and a grey crosshatch patterned tie. Style citations go out to Bev Shipley for his orangey-yellow shirt and gold-yellow tie with a black suit, and to Laurin Liu for a white dress with a red and orange floral pattern. Dishonourable mentions go out to Jacques Gourde for a fluorescent blue shirt and grey suit, and to Christine Moore for her sequined black sweater.