Roundup: How to run a procurement process

On the F-35 file, former Assistant Deputy Minister of procurement at DND, Alan Williams, has a few criticisms of his own of the Auditor General’s report – that it wasn’t nearly scathing enough – that the process that Harper is putting into place is just making things worse, and walks us through the steps of a properly run process to purchase fighter jets, and how the process to replace the CF-18s should be revamped from top to bottom. It’s a must-read on the entire debacle.

Meanwhile back at DND, there are more problems with the procurement processes for upgrading our frigates and maritime patrol planes. This doesn’t bode well for the state of oversight within the department.

In the event you haven’t seen them yet, the NDP have put out ads to start branding Thomas Mulcair’s image, with the rolled sleeves and all. They’re trying to do this before the Conservatives start their own ads, and while Rae is giving him a public beating over turning into a “Mini-Harper.”

Despite what has been speculated after Rae’s big fiery speech on Wednesday, he’s still not running to be permanent leader. At least not yet anyway. And no, Justin Trudeau isn’t running either.

Here’s a look at some of the hidden “back office” costs when it comes to imposing new efficiencies in public service departments in order to enable the staffing reductions. Hint: Efficiencies don’t come for free.

The Governor General is off to France to participate in ceremonies marking the 95th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge, which was a defining moment in our history.

And Susan Delacourt muses about the Twitter vs. Tim Hortons “schism” that Charlie Angus alluded to in his big tirade while leaving the Twitter Machine. It seems to Delacourt that regardless of the venue, the value is in listening and interaction.