Roundup: Just a difference in accounting

Peter MacKay says that we don’t have to worry – that extra $10 billion figure with the F-35s was all just a difference in accounting about what was included in those figures, such as salaries and fuel, and so on. Which seems a bit…dubious, especially seeing as this is the first time they’ve said anything like that, and went on the attack against people like the Parliamentary Budget Officer when his numbers were released a while back that are closer to the $25 billion figure. So clearly, if it was a difference of accounting, they would have said that a year ago, and they didn’t. Even if MacKay’s assertion is true, and I have doubts, it does not excuse the rigged process either, which also needs to be repeatedly called out as well. Meanwhile, here are a bunch of quotes about the F-35 process in the past.

Despite the third party manager being withdrawn, the chief of Attawapiskat is pressing ahead with her court challenges as to what all went down.

Oh noes! BC is delaying their bill to hold Senate “consultative elections” because the private member’s bill proposing them “needs more work.” Not only is it a dumb idea to start monkeying with federal constitutional issues at a provincial level, but doing so in order to try and win some political favour is equally nonsensical, and with any luck this inane idea will die a death by fire.

Here’s a really awful tale about what a family was put through when a young soldier committed suicide.

And here’s a look at the meaning of Thomas Mulcair’s beard. No, seriously. Also, a look at his wife and political confidante.