Roundup: Star candidate entreaties

Thomas Mulcair says that the NDP’s poll numbers are so great that he’s getting approached by all kinds of “star candidates,” seeing as they’ll obviously have some pretty safe seats up for grabs. Um, okay. Isn’t there some saying about counting chickens three years before an election, or something like that?

The copyright bill is due to pass the Commons next week, but there remains a chance the digital locks provisions might be amended in the Senate, or face court challenges.

The Commons Ethics committee recommends that the Lobbying Commissioner be given the ability to fine lobbyists who don’t follow the rules. You know, like she’s been asking for forever.

Aww, Alberta’s sole NDP MP is trying to defend Thomas Mulcair’s “Dutch disease” comments, and says the focus on them is a distraction from the budget debate. Just like Mulcair digging in his heels on the issue is all about focusing the budget debate and the menace to democracy that it poses.

The CBC’s Peter Mansbridge interviews Conrad Black now that he’s free and back in Canada, including Black hitting back at Thomas Mulcair for his “demagogic rabblerousing.”

Here’s an accounting of the bitter silence the government was forced to endure around the intelligence leaks from that naval officer in Halifax.

Here’s a look at some potential futures for the Kingston Penitentiary, which is a national historic site – but chances of it becoming an Alcatraz-style museum seem slim in this age of austerity.

And here’s your recap of Charles and Camilla’s Diamond Jubilee Royal Tour thus far in New Brunswick and Toronto.