Roundup: Gruesome deliveries

It was a grisly day in Ottawa as a severed human foot was delivered to Conservative Party headquarters, and a severed hand found in a package a few hours later at a Canada Post depot. Yikes. No explanations yet, but you can be sure that everyone is pretty creeped out about this. As if that wasn’t bad enough, a torso was discovered in a suitcase in a garbage pile in Montreal, which may or may not be related.

The Parliamentary Budget Officer says that he’s still having difficulty getting numbers on the cuts, but suspects they may be deeper than advertised.

The government has decided not to appeal the court decision on veterans benefits clawbacks. This means that the government now has hundreds of millions of dollars in pension repayments to sort out.

The number of former fisheries ministers, both Liberal and Progressive Conservative, who oppose the changes to the Fisheries Act is up to four.

What’s that? The Privacy Commissioner says that social media websites ignore privacy laws? You don’t say!

The Chief Electoral Officer says that we may need better regulations around robo-calls in future elections. Also, the calls on the misleading robo-calls from the last election should be ready by about March. Also, the overturning of the Etobicoke Centre means that they need to review their policies and procedures.

Former Senior Chief Counsel to CSIS and former chair of the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP Paul Kennedy argues why the cuts to the Inspector General’s office are a very big deal. He was before Finance Committee last night, where Shelly Glover not only dismissed his concerns, but was telling other witnesses what to say. Seriously.

Young Quebec NDP MPs dispute Bruce Hyer’s contention that some of them are sympathetic to his position regarding party discipline. Unless of course this just proves that they’ve been whipped/bullied/brainwashed into being puppets – right?

Whatever happened to Harper’s old election promise to ban bitumen exports to countries with worse environmental records than Canada’s? Well, that policy is “under review,” and shall never be seen again.

And census population figures were released yesterday. We’re getting older, but there is also a baby boom happening right now, which people didn’t expect.

Up today: The CP Rail back-to-work legislation is off to the Senate after the Commons sat until around 2 am to pass it. It should receive royal assent by the end of the day.

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  1. um, transition from severed foot to PBO “cuts not as deep” tell me you didnt plan that pl0z

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