Roundup: A too-predictable sympathetic report

The NDP have release their “report” on their “consultations” on the omnibus budget bill around the country. Their condemnation comes from having panels stuffed with representatives from sympathetic groups, and by avoiding Alberta or any regions whose economies are dependent on resource extraction. Funny how that happens. Meanwhile, they’re also promising some 200 deletion amendments at report stage of the bill in the Commons, which on top of Elizabeth May’s 50 substantive amendments and the 200 deletion amendments she’s working with the Liberals on means that there could be 30 hours or so of votes, depending on what the Speaker rules to be in order or how he groups them.

It cost $47,000 for Peter MacKay and company to put on the photo op with the mock-up F-35 when the government announced they initially were going to be buying those planes.

The NDP wants to charge the deputy minister of DND with contempt of parliament over his testimony on the F-35s. And while this drama unfolds in the Public Accounts Committee, Liberal MP Gerry Byrne charges that the NDP has been doing a lot of in camera cooperation with the Conservatives in order to try to stick it to the Liberals. Sigh.

Remember the whole incident where officials from the Minister of Immigration’s office “faked the oath” in order to put a citizenship reaffirmation ceremony on SunTV? And how when they were caught they took all the blame? Well, as it turns out, documents show that SunTV knew about it, and that Kenney was willing to throw his own staff under the bus in order to protect SunTV. Because they’re totally not the official media arm of The Party or anything.

Peter Mansbridge had a sit-down interview with Harper in London, and it’s quite a substantial interview, that’s markedly different in tone than anything we’ve seen in the past number of years. Could Harper finally be getting comfortable in his role, or letting go of some of his defensiveness or roboticness? Definitely something worth watching.

The government is moving to make certain ingredients in the “bath salts” street drugs illegal. Because there’s nothing like the populist outcry of one psychotic face-eating incident to make them spring to action, for what it’s worth. After all, remember how cracking down on precursors to crystal meth turned out, which is to say, it didn’t make any real difference at all.

Expect the Conservatives to bash the NDP hard over the fact that Elections Canada has ordered them to repay some of the union sponsorship money from their 2011 convention.

A potential Liberal leadership candidate says the party needs to apologise for its past failings, end its top-down directives, and get back to being the practical and pragmatic alternative to either the Conservatives or the NDP.

Aaron Wherry sits down with Elizabeth May about her point of order to derail the omnibus budget bill.

John Geddes fact-checks Jason Kenney’s claim that his government has done more for the environment than any other, and finds it – predictably – to be a lot of bunk.

Here’s a lengthy read – and the first of a four-part series – on how the Conservatives soured on the environment file.

And here are a bunch of gorgeous photos from Diamond Jubilee celebrations in London yesterday.