Roundup: Moral victory at report stage

After 22 hours of solid votes, the omnibus budget bill has passed Report Stage. There were no amendments passed, but the opposition still claims moral victory, and they did turn the public’s attention to the bill, which really was the whole point. The question remains, of course, whether the public will still care by September, let alone by 2015?

The Supreme Court has set a date of July 10th to hear the Etobicoke Centre appeal. Looks like Ted Opitz isn’t going to get the summer barbecue circuit after all (not that he isn’t being given an inordinate amount of Members’ Statements and backbench suck-up questions in QP at the moment).

Uh oh – a sworn affidavit from an Elections Canada investigator alleges that Dean Del Mastro filed a falsified document in his 2008 returns, and that handwriting on the document in question matches that of one of Del Mastro’s campaign workers (and this was analysed professionally). Del Mastro has been subject to production orders for his bank records too. One wonders how much longer Harper will get Poilievre to shield him.

Oh, and Del Mastro’s riding isn’t seriously considering a “unity candidate” to oppose him either, despite one person’s attempt to organise one.

What’s that? More red flags coming from the US about the increasing costs and equipment failures on the F-35s? You don’t say!

And it looks like Parks Canada employees – amidst cutbacks and layoffs – have been reminded not to say anything bad about the agency or the government, as the “duty of loyalty” is in their code of ethics.