Roundup: Obsessing over a-bombs

Because it was all anyone could talk about yesterday (every time someone says a dirty word…) it seems the antipathy between many Federal and Alberta Conservatives is alive and well. It’s no secret that most Federal Conservatives were lined up behind the Wild Rose during the last election, and were pretty bitterly disappointed when Redford pulled out ahead. So with Redford’s deputy PM coming to town, the chair of the “Alberta caucus” within the Conservative party asked if anyone wanted to have a gathering to meet with him. Jason Kenney’s response? No, because he doesn’t want to set a precedent for future ministerial visits, “Plus he is a complete and utter asshole.” Yep, minister of the Crown. Hitting “Reply all.” Demonstrating that he’s all class. As you may have read, Kenney refused to apologise publicly during QP, but according to his spokesperson, he did afterward. Aaron Wherry finds that this isn’t the first time that Jason Kenney has called his opponents assholes – and in the House no less.

CBSA is going to halt their plans to install surveillance technology into airports and border crossing until the privacy concerns can be addressed. You know, like they should have done before they started. They’ve also deleted recordings that have already been made. (Here’s an interview with the excellent deputy Privacy Commissioner, Chantal Bernier worth checking out).

During QP yesterday, John Baird accused the Parliamentary Budget Officer of “overstepping his mandate.” And then wouldn’t elaborate on how. Kevin Page is perplexed as to what that even means, while the opposition parties are, predictably, baying for blood.

Stephen Harper is full of praise for the Mountie in charge of his protection detail amidst accusations that said Mountie has been bullying his subordinates.

David Wilks is full of praise for the omnibus budget bill and intimated that his criticism was cleared up when he better read the bill. Erm, okay then.

And Pundit’s Guide crunches some numbers from the 2011 Canadian Election Study to look at “voter migration,” and finds migration particularly with Liberals, Bloc and Green voters the last time around.