Roundup: The inefficient drive for efficiencies

Remember how the government was going to offer cash rewards to employees who could make implementable money-saving solutions? Here’s how the process turned out – byzantine, bloated, inefficient, and no one getting any money in the end.

The Conservatives have finally launched a couple of weak sauce attack ads against Thomas Mulcair.

It was the Conservatives versus the Council of Canadians at the Federal Court yesterday arguing about those seven ridings the Council is fighting to get the election results overturned in.

Aaron Wherry collects the praise that the Conservatives used to have for the office of the PBO, and Kevin Page in particular. Before he started contradicting them, of course.

Some top Conservatives went to Quebec for St. Jean Baptiste celebrations over the weekend to show that they care about Quebec – and then didn’t deviate from their scripts, give anyone the chance to answer questions, or even let the media question anyone other than Christian Paradis – at a great distance. Good job, whoever came up with that brilliant strategy!

John Geddes of Maclean’s looked into the government’s claims that they’re spending record amounts on the military. By actual comparative measures, it turns out that it’s not so much the case. So much for that narrative.

Here’s a look at how the nomination race is shaping up in Calgary Centre for the Conservatives, now that there’s a by-election in the works.

What’s that? The failed war on drugs is fuelling the HIV/AIDS epidemic? You don’t say!

And an interview with Peter Russell got everyone rehashing the 2008 prorogation debate again yesterday. James Bowden takes down much of Russell’s arguments and factual errors here.

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