Roundup: Not exactly ‘off-the-shelf’

So those army trucks that got cancelled at the last minute? It seems their costs escalated when DND kept adding in new capabilities to the “off-the-shelf” models, and the price tag went up. Just like with those Chinook helicopters, if you recall. But no, our procurement system isn’t broken.

Shawn Atleo has been re-elected as National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations. He won on the third ballot, but the fact that nearly a third of the chiefs voted against him, he has some work ahead.

Aww, Julian Fantino thinks it’s “unfair” that the Toronto Star dares to go to Afghanistan and dares to print that our aid efforts haven’t lived up to expectations, because apparently that doesn’t fit his party’s narrative.

Elizabeth May suggests that the NDP and Greens not run candidates in the Etobicoke Centre by-election. I’m not sure the NDP would agree to such a proposal (after all, they are convinced that they are in ascendance). Aaron Wherry looks at the history of such by-election agreements (usually where party leaders are concerned).

Premiers Redford and McGuinty had a quiet little get-together in advance of the Council of the Federation meeting next week.

Uh oh – now Danielle Smith is even saying that the future of the Northern Gateway pipeline is in doubt, and that they may need to find another route. Peter Kent is still confident it’ll go ahead, but it’s not entirely his decision.

It looks like Tony Clement didn’t break the rules by appearing in a constituent’s promotional video.

There was another hearing to have Helena Guergis’ lawsuit against the Prime Minister thrown out, seeing as he has the power to fire her from cabinet at will. (Sadly, they used the Crown Prerogative argument for caucus, which is wrong, but still – it’s a pretty frivolous lawsuit seeing as Harper wouldn’t need to engage in a conspiracy to get rid of her. On a not unrelated note, private detective Derek Snowdy is launching more allegations against Guergis’ husband, Rahim Jaffer, this time around Canadian satellite technology and Chinese companies.

The Canadian Forces are looking for a reservist to make coffee. No, seriously.

And Laureen Harper delivers a speech to her old high school, which lets slip some interesting tidbits about her.

Programming note: I am heading out of town for an East Coast road trip. Regular blogging resumes Tuesday.