Roundup: The “fair share” debate

It was the first day of the Council of the Federation meeting yesterday, and it was largely devoted to First Nations issues, and how they want to be included in the “fair share” debate around natural resource development, since much of the development is on their territory, as will pipelines cross it, and they are soon to be an emerging labour force in this country. Meanwhile, with regards to the ongoing Northern Gateway debate, Adam Goldenberg lays out the ultimatum game for the two premiers, while Andrew Coyne calls it out as extortion.

Here’s a look at what some of Alison Redford’s ‘national energy strategy’ entails, and it looks to mostly be about oil pipelines, as opposed to a more diversified energy economy across the country.

The parliamentary secretary to the Heritage minister has been taking donations at private fundraisers from media companies looking for radio station licences. Paul Calandra says he didn’t do anything wrong, but that he will give the money back. Meanwhile, Kady O’Malley turns up some interesting information about one of the radio station directors, who is a former Conservative candidate.

Oh dear – it looks like the participation of Canadian companies in two Mars landers may be at an end as planned missions don’t appear to be going ahead.

And alderman John Mar has pulled out of the Calgary Centre nomination race. It’s still too early to determine what this means, but Mar was one of the more high profile candidates in the upcoming race.