Roundup: James Moore gone rogue!

Uh oh – someone better alert the PMO thought police! James Moore has apparently gone rogue and cast doubt on Enbridge and the Northern Gateway Pipeline. Isn’t that heretical? Won’t the Pipeline Inquisition now need to fetch the comfy chair? I guess we’ll see if he’s still a cabinet minister by end of day.

The Canadian Forces remains overwhelmingly white and male, as they are falling well short of their diverse recruiting targets.

Some 80 lawyers have written an open letter to cast doubt on Jason Kenney’s assertion that he did nothing to speed through Conrad Black’s visa application. The spearhead of this campaign says it’s hard to believe that he wasn’t involved, given the history of micro-managing by this government. For what it’s worth, I believe Kenney said that he didn’t want to hear about this particular file, but that doesn’t mean that some officious bureaucrats weren’t doing what they thought would please the minister in speeding it through of their own volition.

Because apparently we have nothing better to talk about in the summer, the subject of Stephen Harper’s faith has come up again several times in the past few days. Aaron Wherry collects the various musings here, while Susan Delacourt recalls her own brushes with the issue.

Oh noes! Conservatives are outraged that Adam Carroll, the man behind VikiLeaks, has been re-hired by the Liberal Party. Because it’s not like they didn’t do the same thing with Ryan Sparrow or Kasra Nejatian.

The Calgary Centre Conservative nomination race is heating up as “Calgary Joe” Soares – the PMO’s Quebec advisor who may or may not currently live in the riding – is taking shots at another prospective candidate, Joan Crockatt. But nobody has yet said whether Crockatt will even be allowed to run, considering that she hasn’t held a party membership for the past six months, so this may still be all for naught. But still – drama!

And Margaret Thatcher’s papers reveal that she had no desire to deal with the constitutional lobbyists (and indeed the “queues of Indians”) that would be bothering her during the repatriation of the Constitution.