Roundup: Hiding “Angry Tom”

NDP leader Thomas Mulcair talks to PostMedia about the upcoming fall sitting, and promises more “proposition” on the way. Um, except that under our system of Responsible Government, that’s not his job. His job is to oppose. Not to legislate, not to propose laws, but to hold the government to account, and you do that by opposing things. Perhaps he needs to look that up. He also says that he’s pushing past the “Angry Tom” label. Um, you have seen Question Period right, when the Conservatives pick at him and he goes completely unhinged? He’s still got a ways to go before he puts “Angry Tom” behind him, and perhaps the progress he has made is because there hasn’t been QP for the past few months. Just a thought.

Seeing as central registries and mandatory ID cards are not going to fly in this country, it looks like we’re stuck with the traditional mandatory short-form census. That said, it looks like they may need to add some new questions to capture missing data now that the long-form census is no more.

Our federal deficit projections are shrinking – for now.

There is no actual definition for what a “declaration of incompetence” really means, even legally, so it remains anyone’s guess as to whether or not Senator Fairbairn was incapable of still doing her job or not.

Don’t worry, Joe Oliver says – those 600 environmental assessments we dropped are just paperwork. And in this case, he’s more or less right – the “screening” class of review was just a document review by department officials for low-level projects and there were rarely any kinds of challenges to those projects. But it does mean that this review isn’t happening by federal authorities any longer, for what it’s worth.

Philippe Lagassé weighs in on the new Chief of Defence Staff, and thinks that General Tom Lawson’s appointment may have been less about the F-35s than it was a calculation that the Conservatives didn’t want another Rick Hillier at the helm.

And while the Prime Minister was visiting New Brunswick, the RCMP security detail found a small grow-op in the area. Oops.