Roundup: Additional reporting powers requested

Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson says that politicians are honest, but when the Act comes up for review she wants additional powers, especially when it comes to MPs reporting gifts.

What’s that? The government may be rigging sole-source contracts? You don’t say!

In light of Senator Fairbairn’s dementia and Rob Ford’s hospitalisation, we ask ourselves once again if we give Canadian politicians too much privacy, and where do we draw that line?

Here’s a look at the bigger picture of some of the electoral boundary changes happening across the country. Susan Delacourt talks to some poll analysts who look at how the results of the last election would shake out in the new map, but gives the reminder that the Canadian electorate is volatile and changes easily.

Experts are noting that even if the First Nations got the ability to own private property on reserves, it wouldn’t solve the underlying problems of employment opportunities and overly powerful band councils.

Thousands of Canadians are once again getting letters from the Canada Revenue Agency about the fact that they’ve broken the rules around Tax-Free Savings Accounts.

What’s that? In light of the new immigration restrictions being placed on exotic dancers and women who work in massage parlours, the industry is moving underground? You don’t say!

Here’s a look back at Walk Natynczyk as he leaves the post of Chief of Defence Staff.

Some Liberals muse about the effect that Justin Trudeau could have if he ran for the leadership (which consensus seems to take as inevitable at this point).

And in case you were wondering why Quebec has a strategic maple syrup reserve – from which $30 million in maple syrup was discovered stolen last week – here’s the reason.