Roundup: Farewell, Peter Lougheed

Former Alberta premier Peter Lougheed passed away last night at age 84, in the hospital that bears his name. Lougheed started the reign of the Progressive Conservatives in the province, which has kept on for more than 40 years. He was one of the premiers at the centre of the patriation of the constitution, and fought for provincial rights. Here are some statements from Stephen Harper, Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi, and his ultimate political successor, premier Alison Redford.

Looking ahead to the return of Parliament next week, there will be another budget bill this autumn that promises to be pretty contentious as well.

Here is a good summary of the whole issue between the House of Commons and the Auditor General on that Access to Information issue.

Vic Toews’ office is now blaming the American authorities for why it’s taken so long for the Omar Khadr decision to be made.

DND’s hype machine got out of hand when they started touting an announcement about “next generation tanks.” Turns out it’s the same Leopard 2 A4s, which aren’t even all that modern, and which we got second-hand.

There’s been another round of some 1700 “affected” notices for public servants, mostly over in HRSDC.

The judges at the centre of the electoral boundaries commissions were worried about the “social engineering” aspects of lumping ethno-cultural, linguistic, or socio-economic communities into ridings.

Justin Trudeau thinks the new Liberal leadership rules are fair. You know, just in case he decides to run or something.

Kady O’Malley looks at the disclosure rules around potential donors for Pat Martin’s legal defence fund.

Over in Calgary Centre, Conservative candidate Joan Crockatt is seen as a “polarising figure,” who apparently believes it’s a backbencher’s job to support the PM unreservedly (which is SO VERY WRONG it hurts). Meanwhile the Greens plan on running a well-funded campaign.

And in Ontario, the Speaker has found the provincial government in a prima facia breach of privilege over its failure to turn over documents. Not a good sign for the health of parliamentary democracy.