Roundup: A day of resounding nonsense

Yesterday was a day where Canadian politics pretty much lost its mind. First was a rumour that Justin Trudeau might be entering the Liberal leadership race next week (more than a month early), We The Media completely lost it, and wrote actual stories about how he had nothing to announce today, on top of assertions about who his campaign team will be. At least Paul Wells, Susan Delacourt and Steve Murray have a sense of humour about the whole thing.

And then there was the vote on M-312, which was a vote to create a committee to debate the definition of when someone becomes a legal human being (which of course was doomed from the start because Stephen Harper himself would not abide it). The motion was defeated rather soundly, but that didn’t stop the entire political sphere from losing its grip on reality for a while. (Incidentally, CBC has a handy timeline of the abortion debate in Canada).

Public sector unions are becoming concerned about the very likely possibility of a “two-tier” workforce, with different pension benefits and pay rates for newer hires, as the government starts working on pension changes. Meanwhile it looks like changes to MP pensions will indeed revolve around 50/50 contributions.

Like we do pretty much every year now, we boycotted the Iranian president’s speech at the United Nations, for all that it accomplishes.

Business leaders are warning not to single China out as a security threat.

The government pulled its Economic Action Plan™ ads from Yahoo after they showed up on the Pirate Bay website.

A private member’s bill on eliminating vexatious complaints in the prison system has passed second reading, but the opposition says it’s not addressing the right problems.

Here’s a look at the public relations nightmare the F-35 file is becoming for the government as they completely ballsed up their chance for input with a W5 documentary.

Here is your recap of last night’s political shows.

And because on Conservative MP didn’t do his due diligence, two racist witnesses needed to be ejected from the Citizenship and Immigration committee. Let this be a lesson.