Roundup: Backing an east-west pipeline

Thomas Mulcair is throwing his support behind an east-west pipeline for oil in this country, so that refineries in the East can process western crude. Which of course is all well and good, but because those pipelines can’t support bitumen, that means building upgraders in Alberta at billions of dollars in cost and a much higher carbon footprint, rather than using existing facilities if we increased our capacity in shipping said bitumen south (aka Keystone XL). It also means we won’t be getting world prices for said crude if we shipped it to Asia instead.

CBSA has to phase out its K9 unit because of budget cuts. You’d think that an effective means of sniffing out illicit drugs in a quick and efficient manner would be a good thing.

What’s that? The RCAF’s recommendation to buy the F-35s was missing key information? You don’t say!

Hackers, possibly from China, infiltrated a Calgary technology firm’s systems. I am reminded of an interview with a former CSIS director last week who said that it’s less government secrets that are the security concerns these days than corporate data, with certain countries looking to keep the playing field from being level, and these kinds of attacks would seem to indicate that.

Despite normally being the best friend of Israel, Harper isn’t backing the “red line” comments that Benjamin Netanyahu made earlier in the week with his cartoon bomb.

Economist Stephen Gordon takes a look at what “net benefit” is supposed to mean with foreign takeovers, and finds that it’s a fairly vacuous term with little to recommend it.

CBC’s Laura Payton fact-checks Rona Ambrose’s claim that she hadn’t been asked a Status of Women question all year. Ambrose isn’t exactly correct.

The Rt. Hon. Michaëlle Jean’s official portrait has been unveiled at Rideau Hall, and it’s unlike any other official portrait hanging there in that she’s not alone, but surrounded by the people she was working with – soldiers, children, veterans, volunteers, the First Nations – as well as her family.

Apparently Geoff Regan is mulling over a run for the Liberal leadership, while Jean Chrétien thinks Justin Trudeau would be a good candidate.

Here is your recap of last night’s political shows.

And certain NDP MPs have taken to stringing together things like the abortion motion and that bumbling invitation of white supremacists to torque up partisan nastiness in QP. Because it’s all about decorum and raising the tone of the debate.