Roundup: Unleash the Trudeau campaign!

So, Justin Trudeau is officially in the race, and he announced on his late brother’s birthday. And since we had six days of swooning leading up to the announcement, I expect six months of snark to follow. Aaron Wherry liveblogged the night’s events here.

Stephen Harper has announced that Justice Richard Wagner is his nominee to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court.

In an interesting interview yesterday, Maher Arar says that he identifies with Omar Khadr and the treatment he was subjected to in Guantanamo Bay, feels that the confession and guilty plea was likely false given the psychological torture and the fact that someone in that situation would sign anything for a shred of hope of getting out, and he is willing to talk to him about his situation.

Pat Martin feels it would be “economic treason” to approve the Nexen deal. No hyperbole here. Incidentally, his party hasn’t yet come down with their official position yet, for the record. Incidentally, the CPP and the Quebec pension fund also have stakes in Nexen and stand to make big money from the takeover.

An internal RCMP report gives voice to those members of the force who have suffered from bullying and harassment.

As the tainted meat recall continues to expand, CFIA admits mistakes and “not connecting the dots” on the bigger picture. Gerry Ritz will be there today.

The CBSA’s “integrity questionnaire” for new employees asks them to list anything in their pasts that could be incriminating – and then opens them up to getting charged for it.

Tony Clement tackles the deficit by cracking down on…cheap government employee parking.

What’s that? Alison Redford charged $22 coffee to her room in the Waldorf Astoria in New York? Cue the Bev Oda comparisons!

Here is your recap of the Tuesday nigh political shows.

And media columnists opine that Harper is losing control of his backbenchers. Because We The Media are never satisfied – we bitch when MPs are spineless lapdogs, and when they’re not, we moan that party leaders are “losing control.” Seriously, can we give it a rest and let them have a modicum of independence?