Roundup: Serving Christian prisoners only

I expect tainted meat is going to get pushed off of the agenda today as news broke last night that the government is firing all non-Christian chaplains, in what is a clear violation of the Charter. Given the way they’re patting themselves on the back over their Office of Religious Freedoms, well, expect them to be hoisted on their own petards in QP today.

Speaking of tainted meat, Thomas Mulcair rather predictably called for Gerry Ritz’s resignation yesterday. XL Foods, meanwhile, has finally broken their silence and taken full responsibility for the outbreak.

Also not surprising, the NDP officially declared their opposition to the Nexen deal yesterday.

The president of Tanzania was in town yesterday to talk trade (we signed a Foreign Investment Protection Agreement with them!), and maternal and child health goals. Industrious Kady O’Malley discovers that the government gave its backgrounder at Foreign Affairs a total overhaul in advance of the visit to highlight the Muskoka Initiative more prominently.

Supreme Court nominee Richard Wagner had his “review hearing” by MPs yesterday, where he spoke about the importance of an impartial, independent and credible judiciary.

The government has announced it’s continuing with the contaminated sites remediation programme begun when Stéphane Dion was environment minister in 2005.

Over in the Senate, the Banking and Trade committee is vowing to hunt down a leak of their draft report on agencies tasked with thwarting terrorist financing to a Montreal newspaper. Meanwhile, Senator Hugh Segal apparently thinks that if the deeply flawed and unconstitutional Senate “reform” bill doesn’t pass that we should hold a referendum on the future of the institution – because ignorance + populism is apparently the engine of constitutional change or something.

Oh, look – another bozo eruption from Rob Anders! This time he’s circulating a petition that casts the trans rights bill about letting perverts into washrooms. Sigh. Aaron Wherry pulls up Bill Siksay’s previous responses to this canard. Considering that this has been around for a while, though, I’m not sure why Anders being on this particular fictional bandwagon makes it special other than he’s currently in the news.

Thomas Mulcair still owes a leadership debt of $44,500.

Justin Trudeau held an overflowing leadership event in Mississauga last night, where the city’s mayor introduced him. Little Mosque on the Prairie star Zaib Shaikh is supporting Justin Trudeau’s leadership campaign. Former Conservative war room head Jason Lietar has some questions about Trudeau’s campaign. Brian Mulroney thinks that Trudeau shouldn’t be underestimated.

Here is your recap of last night’s politics shows.

And the NDP are trying to shame the Conservatives into giving up hyper-partisan members’ statements that happen just before QP, and giving lectures about the “carbon tax lies” – while they carry on calling cabinet ministers names, provide their own mistruths about how we supposedly swear allegiance to the British crown instead of the Canadian one, and spin their own bits of convenient fiction like how the government supposedly controls the price of gasoline – apparently using the magical levers in the Prime Minister’s office or phone calls to the Illuminati.