Roundup: Mindful of one’s mandate

Tony Clement says he’s willing to go to court to insist that the Parliamentary Budget Officer is exceeding his mandate. Err, except that the PBO is trying to look at the Estimates, which is his mandate (and to be even more fair, he’s doing it so that MPs have data to hold the government to account, even though they’re passing off their work onto him). Good luck to Clement on this one.

The government is planning a new online portal for Access to Information requests next year.

The Canadian Forces have folded three operational commands into one – the Canadian Joint Operations Command, but it remains to be seen as to how much of a cost savings this will actually produce. Meanwhile, our special forces apparently have their eyes on wee little submarines.

Some people are talking “open nomination” with regards to Anders’ riding after his week of bozo eruptions, and with it not being a minority government, there is less of a mood in the party to protect nominations – especially with redistribution creating new urban ridings and shifting boundaries.

Parliament Hill is getting new vehicular barriers.

With all of the attention on Justin Trudeau, here is a look at the way political dynasties have worked in Canada, and how the children of Prime Ministers past have fared.

Here is your recap of the Sunday political shows.

And Megan Leslie tweets about her odd dreams.