Roundup: Petronas fallout

In the fallout over the rejection of the Petrnoas deal, Stephen Harper stands behind Paradis, yet still insists we’re open for foreign investment. Economist Stephen Gordon calls bullshit on some of the excuses for turning down deals like Petronas. Andrew Coyne calls for the “net benefit” test to be abolished.

The Prime Minister of Jamaica visited Ottawa yesterday, to celebrate 50 years of friendship and our opening a Canadian Forces supply base in the country to serve the region. When asked about Jamaica’s plans to abolish their monarchy, Simpson said that while she loves and respects the Queen, and Jamaica will always be a member of the Commonwealth, she feels its part of her country’s evolution.

What’s that? The RCAF has yet to be ordered to look at other fighter aircraft options besides the F-35s? You don’t say! Open and transparent process, everyone!

What’s that? Flaherty is mulling over privatising CMHC? Oh, wait – he’s not. False alarm, everyone.

The House debated Bob Rae’s private members’ motion on repealing the Indian Act yesterday, much like they did a Conservative MP’s private member’s bill to repeal portions of it last week. All noble sentiments, but First Nations are explicitly a Crown responsibility, and not the domain of private members’ business, I’m afraid.

Here are the documents around those MPs flying on a “fact-finding mission” to a mine in Guatemala. Don’t like lobbyists paying for MPs to travel like this? Give MPs a travel budget.

It seems that the Conservative lawyers have managed to scupper one of the seven robocall-related court challenges attempting to overturn election results. It turns out the star witness in one of the ridings didn’t even know what riding she was in. Oops.

Conservative MP Maurice Velacott awarded Diamond Jubilee medals to a couple of jailed anti-abortion activists. Hands up anyone who didn’t see a stunt like this coming.

NDP MP Romeo Saganash is taking a leave of absence to deal with his alcoholism, after he was refused boarding of a plane for intoxication.

On the Justin Trudeau watch, here’s a profile of his brother, Sacha, who has also joined his campaign team.

And here is your recap of last night’s political shows, as well as an interview with Senator Brazeau, who insists he’s not the Rob Anders of the Senate.