Roundup: Opitz keeps his seat

In a 4-3 decision, the Supreme Court upheld the election result in Etobicoke Centre, allowing Ted Opitz to remain as the MP. It’s a difficult decision, because it leaves open some questions as to how many procedural errors we bother to enforce so long as we ensure that people can vote, whether or not it is actually proper for them to do so in that manner, rather than see anyone’s right to vote taken away. Here are the reactions, from Opitz, Borys Wrzesnewskyj, Bob Rae, and others. Paul Wells parses some of the meaning of the split decision, the players on both sides, and throws some cold water on those conspiracy theories of stacked courts (and if anyone believes them, then they obviously haven’t paid any attention to the Supreme Court of Canada in the past). Emmett Macfarlane, who has literally written a book on the Court, discusses what he believes would have happened if they had ruled the other way. Adam Goldenberg uses this decision as a reminder about how our Supreme Court is not partisan, unlike the one in the States.

The Supreme Court’s other decision yesterday was that it will hear an appeal on the Bedford case, which struck down prostitution laws in Ontario.

Jason Kenney wants the power to block anyone from entering the country on undefined “public policy reasons.” And hey, just trust him that he’s got your best intentions at heart.

Laura Payton looks at the permanent campaign, and how messages designed to try and devastate incumbents from opposing parties could come at any time.

Over in the Parliamentary precinct, a “suspicious package” was removed from the Confederation Building yesterday, and a Conservative MP was accused of spamming an NDP MP’s private email account with thousands of messages in the midst of the debate on the Canada-China FIPA.

Conservative MP Brent Rathgeber has concerns about the union transparency private member’s bill his party is promoting – once again showing his colours for backbench independence.

And here is your recap of yesterday’s political shows.