Roundup: Not helping poor veterans

It seems that two thirds of poor veterans who apply to the Last Post fund for their funeral costs are turned down, and those who are accepted are not given enough to cover the cost of a Last Post funeral, which has certain criteria. Those criteria mean that the funerals can cost up to $12,000, when the fund only provides $3600, and funeral directors have been swallowing those additional costs. Meanwhile, it looks like this one veteran’s disability claim appeal is being blocked because his brother fought the system and embarrassed it publicly.

The former deputy minister of Industry Canada, who worked extensively with the Investment Act, sees no reason why the CNOOC-Nexen deal should be turned down. Except, of course, for politics.

In arguing that a number of elections results should be tossed because of illegal robo-call allegations, the Council of Canadians’ new factum will draw on the Etobicoke Centre decision because voters were disenfranchised by being sent to the wrong polling stations.

There are concerns that poor entry and exit tracking data at our borders, particularly by airlines, could undermine the border deal we’re trying to strike with the Americans. That poor tracking data could also lead to some people being falsely labelled as security threats.

The CFIA is demanding more corrective action at that XL Foods meat plant in Brooks. Will we never be done with this tainted meat?

The NDP’s Quebec membership is divided on whether or not to form a provincial party, as there are many allegiances to left-wing sovereigntist parties like Quebec Solidaire amongst them. They’ll continue to explore the idea, however.

The CBC’s Terry Milewski offers his thoughts on how difficult trade negotiations with India will be in reality.

Here is your recap of the Sunday morning political shows, which wasn’t as American-election-centric as I might have otherwise feared.

And the Prime Minister has announced a new advisory committee on Vice-Regal Appointments, to provide “non-binding recommendations” for appointments of future Governors General and Lieutenant Governors. This will be headed by the outgoing Usher of the Black Rod in the Senate and soon-to-be full-time Canadian Secretary to the Queen, Kevin MacLeod (who is a gentleman and a scholar, if I may say so).

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