Roundup: BYO-Armoured Car

As the Prime Minister’s trip to India rolls along, we learn that after eight years of negotiation, a foreign investment protection agreement still hasn’t been signed, we’re still haggling out a deal to ship uranium two years later, and Harper brought over his own armoured cars, though that sounds to be more of an RCMP decision rather than his usual case of presidential envy.

A medical journal is warning of increased mental and physical illness as a result of the omnibus crime legislation, as people will be locked up for longer in overcrowded and stressful situations, and will be more exposed to things like Hepatitis C and HIV. The government, of course, doesn’t think the link between violence and overcrowding.

Further to the issue of veterans’ funerals, it seems that the rate has remained unchanged for 11 years. The Liberals are calling for an independent review of the Last Post Fund and its requirements.

The Privacy Commissioner has concerns about the First Nations Accountability Bill currently being studied in committee – especially when it comes to reporting salaries, rather than just salary ranges.

Uh oh – it looks like that one phone bank company did indeed make calls about alternate polling locations despite Elections Canada instructing them not to in the last election. And the robo-call court challenge just got interesting again.

Here is a look at the “secretive” Board of Internal Economy, which determines MPs expenses and such – and why the MPs on it think it should remain behind closed doors.

Andrew Coyne walks us through the Canada-China Foreign Investment Protection and Promotion Agreement and shows that despite the rhetoric, it’s really not all that scary.

Kady O’Malley takes us through nine private members’ bills currently up for debate.

University of Ottawa law professor Carissima Mathen looks at the recent case of a conviction for attempted murder regarding an HIV positive individual having unprotected sex, and the nuances involved in prosecuting HIV transmission.

Here is your recap of last night’s political shows, where all of that armoured car businesses was completely dissected.

And here are some photos from last weekend’s Press Gallery Dinner. My thanks to Senator Nancy Ruth for being a great date.

PS – For something a little different, one of the construction workers on the Hill puts on a bit of a show with his job.