Roundup: Avoiding the House – again

Jim Flaherty will be delivering the fall economic update today – you know, while the House isn’t sitting. And he’ll be doing it in Fredericton. Which, as it so happens, is also not the House of Commons. Because, as this government’s history shows, they totally respect Parliament and what it stands for.

MPs are talking about how there will be a higher onus on Elections Canada during the next election to make sure that the kinds of errors creeping into the system – as demonstrated in the Etobicoke Centre case – don’t keep happening.

The Hill Times profiles parliamentarians who have military experience.

Here’s an interesting look at some of the serious questions that need to be asked when it comes to the transformation of our armed forces – can we afford to continue to be a general purpose military, or will we need to buckle down and specialise in some particular area?

Philanthropist, entrepreneur and former member of the Dragon’s Den Brett Wilson talks about the government’s plans for “social finance,” and how it can be a good way to both deliver services that get results, and involve businesses in philanthropic work.

A letter obtained by The Canadian Press shows Rob Nicholson saying that bilingualism will never trump merit when it comes to Supreme Court appointments. And cue the NDP/Bloc outrage machine…

The Liberal leadership race officially kicks off on Wednesday, and the following Monday, the party will be holding a tribute to Herb Gray as part of that. The field is getting crowded – expected announcements this week are Vancouver MP Joyce Murray, Montreal MP and former astronaut Marc Garneau, Martha Hall Findlay (former MP, who is launching in Calgary and has the assistance of Stephen Carter, who helped propel Alison Redford and Naheed Nenshi to office), Karen McCrimmon (former Air Force commander, who ran and lost against Gordon O’Connor), and George Takach (whom I’ve previously chronicled my encounter with).

First sentence aside (dear copy editors: “House of Parliament”? Seriously? Parliament consists of the House of Commons, the Senate and the Crown. It is not a synonym for the Commons alone), this is an interesting piece about the regional fears that the “job-killing carbon tax” is trying to stoke.

Here’s a good primer on what the “fiscal cliff” means and how it affects Canada.

And here is your recap of yesterday’s Petraeus-heavy political shows.