Roundup: Not taking all the blame

Peter Penashue’s former official agent isn’t willing to take the blame for all of the campaign spending overruns and curious donations, but he does seem to admit that there were some mistakes made in any case.

European negotiators are in town to make a final push toward completing the Canada-EU Trade Agreement.

The Privy Council Office was also interested in monitoring ethnic media – but they don’t seem to have been concerned about how the minister or Prime Minister were perceived.

New data shows the oil sands may have an environmental footprint four times as big as originally thought.

Court hearings for those seven ridings being contested over robo-calling allegations will finally take place for real next month (as opposed to all of the preliminary work that’s been done to date).

Jordan Press at PostMedia speaks to the Information Commissioner about her job in this video.

Poll numbers in Calgary Centre – with a high margin of error and a really low survey sample – show that the by-election race is close. Watch everyone freak out! Also note that the Greens are putting out “shock and awe” press releases to tout their high numbers, while Thomas Muclair downplays the fact that the NDP are running a distant fourth.

Martha Hall Findlay is now officially in the Liberal leadership race, which itself officially began yesterday. And in case you were wondering who’s who on Justin Trudeau’s campaign team? iPolitics has those answers.

Here is your recap of last night’s political shows. We’ve tweaked the format a bit, so please let me know what you think. (No, the lack of CBC clips isn’t the tweak – that’s just them ballsing up their own web delivery).

And as much as I’m trying to stay away from this whole David Petraeus nonsense, this Maclean’s piece on it is really very good.