Roundup: Alerted to mischief days before the vote

Uh oh. Access to Information documents show that the public were raising concerns about misleading robo-calls to Elections Canada before the election took place, and that Elections Canada was already in contact with the Conservative Party’s lawyer about said mischief. These new clues fit in with the testimony given by the owner of that one phone bank company regarding the calls they were making for the Conservatives in the days leading up to the campaign.

Some 11,000 jobs have been cut so far in the public service, 7500 of them by attrition, says Tony Clement.

There has been some drama in the Senate over amendments to the Cluster munitions treaty.

Jason Kenney is defending the $750,000 spent on ethnic media monitoring because he feels it’s more valuable to his department than mainstream media – which may be true. But he hasn’t exactly said why he wanted them to monitor those ethno-cultural communities’ perceptions of him.

A number of Iraqi refugees who had fled to Syria before being resettled – many to Canada – are now being impacted by the violence in that country while they wait for their paperwork to be processed.

While in Quebec City, Harper refused to be drawn into a spat around the PQ trying to remove the Canadian Flag from the Red Room in the National Assembly. Apparently Quebeckers would rather talk about the economy, Harper says.

Conservative-turned-Independent MP Peter Goldring has demanded the records of police communications including cell phone calls before his arrest and subsequent refusal to provide a Breathalyzer sample. Apparently he seems to believe that the police were looking for him specifically, which they insist wasn’t the case, and that he was belligerent and tried to negotiate with them when he was pulled over.

Susan Delacourt looks at the dynamic of Justin Trudeau versus the “plucky underdogs” in the Liberal leadership race.

Here is your recap of last night’s political shows, including that clip of Maxime Bernier being given his talking points by his PMO handler while the camera was on and the microphone live. No, seriously. It’s mind-blowing.

And Andrew Coyne talks about employing a Guaranteed Annual Income as a model for tackling poverty in this country.