Roundup: Awards season, Hill style

It was the Parliamentarian of the Year Awards last night, and a hearty congratulations to Elizabeth May for taking the top prize. Other winners include Kirsty Duncan (Hardest Working), Bob Rae (Best Orator), Peter Stoffer (Most Collegial, once again), Stephen Harper (Most Knowledgeable), Michelle Rempel (Rising Star), and Niki Ashton (Best Represents Constituents). A lifetime achievement award was presented to Preston Manning. In advance of the awards, Paul Wells sat down with previous winners to discuss the importance of the award. (And here are some more photos from the party – because it really is one of the best events on the calendar.)

The other big news out of yesterday was the amount of faux outrage because David McGuinty deigned to call MPs out for being provincial when it comes to the narrow interests that they’re promoting. The horror! Were the remarks impolitic? Yes. Were they an offence that merited his resigning his critic portfolio? Hardly, and yet that’s what happened. Let’s see how much more faux outrage the Conservatives can try to milk out of this today as well as they try to shore up their chances in the Calgary Centre by-election.

Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page is taking the government to court in order to get legal clarity on his mandate – and the NDP are backing him up.

The Public Accounts Committee report on the Auditor General’s look into the F-35 procurement process has been tabled, and the NDP are calling it a government whitewash.

Here’s a look at the apparently unusual wording in our new nuclear deal with India.

Peggy Nash’s talking points about Greece’s economy soon to be outpacing ours have been debunked, as they might outpace ours as part of a “catch-up effect” considering how much more stagnant their economy is compared to ours.

The mayor of London, Ontario, faces fraud charges stemming back to his time as a federal Liberal cabinet minister.

And here is your recap of last night’s political shows, with all of the talk of the Gaza ceasefire and McGuinty’s comments.