Roundup: Trudeau pile-on while committee vote-athon continues

Justin Trudeau said something a bit impolitic in an interview two years ago about how Quebeckers were tired of Albertan prime ministers and how having more Quebeckers in positions of power would be better for the country – all in the context of pandering to a Quebec audience while fighting for his seat against separatists, which is not wholly unexpected. But SunTV “revealed” it yesterday, and suddenly everyone lost their minds. Because we had nothing better to talk about, apparently. Also lost in the pile-on was the old Reform ad campaign about “no more prime ministers from Quebec, “ but hey, that’s all in the past, right? And it’s not like politicians in this country could ever be accused of regionalism, ever. Anyway, Trudeau refused to apologise, and simply declared it to have been taken out of context, for what it’s worth.

Over in the Commons finance committee, voting continues apace on the 3000+ amendments that Scott Brison introduced, and because the Conservatives and NDP on the committee voted to change their own rules, so that the amendments would be kept in the committee rather than going to the House once time elapsed, the voting continues in committee. Kady O’Malley has been liveblogging the proceedings diligently.

Over at the First Ministers’ Meeting in Halifax, premiers Redford and Marois had a chat and came to an agreement about exploring energy ties between their provinces (which basically means pipelines from Alberta to Quebec).

PostMedia has uncovered a series of curious donations to Conservative riding associations in Quebec, made by people who say they’ve never donted to the party, or in donations other than the ones being reported.

Despite getting some Conservative support, NDP MP Dany Morin’s attempt to pass a motion on a national anti-bullying strategy failed.

Here’s a look at five issues at play in the Canada-EU free trade negotiations.

Chris Selley reminds us why the measures of child poverty are misleading, and that things are actually getting better.

Here’s a look at Parliamentarian of the Year’s Lifetime Achievement Award winner Preston Manning.

Here’s an interactive map of the 100 most powerful buildings in Ottawa. My neighbourhood, ladies and gentlemen.

Wondering about the Eurozone crisis and what it all means? Maclean’s has an illustrated explainer.

Here is your recap of last night’s political shows – or should I say, the televised Justin Trudeau pile-on. That said, check out the interview with Alison Redford, and the very different tone she sets with the First Ministers’ meeting.

And the Queen sends Grey Cup greetings.