Roundup: Onto time-allocated debate

After a much shorter voting marathon than we’ve become accustomed to, all of the amendments to Omnibus Budget Bill 2: The Revenge have been defeated, and it moves onto a one-day time-allocated third reading debate today. Remember when the government promised they’d be open to amendments and stuff? Yeah, good times.

The “temporary” measure of having prisoners in segregation double bunking – as in, two people in a small space for 23 hours a day – has been going on for two years in some prairie institutions. Yeah, this is going to end well.

Oh dear – it looks like the M-4 Unit – err, Julian Fantino didn’t get his duotronic databanks updated when he was given his new portfolio. As it turns out, he’s not familiar with the five principles of effective foreign aid that CIDA is committed to upholding.

The Chiefs of the Assembly of First Nations met in Ottawa yesterday and made a number of policy resolutions, along with a call for unity when it comes to dealing with the federal government. A few of them later went up to the Hill and tried to push their way into the House of Commons, but backed down thanks to the diplomatic words of the security guards stationed there.

The RCMP spent $800 million on overtime in the past five years. Years which included a G8/G20 summit and the Winter Olympics, and hey, if you keep adding years, the dollar figure continues to go up.

Philippe Lagassé and James Bowden look at the possibility that it may take a constitutional amendment to change the line of succession for the Canadian monarchy – which could mean certain provinces playing silly bugger games if they really wanted to…

Uh oh – another Senator, this time Liberal Mac Harb, is found to be claiming questionable living expenses. Meanwhile, Senator Mike Duffy is convinced that the questions about his own living expenses are a “smear.”

What’s that? Other Liberal leadership hopefuls disagree with Justin Trudeau on the long-gun registry? You don’t say! Well, those whom the Hill Times could reach, anyway. (Good job, no-name candidates!). Also shocking is that Martha Hall Findlay “deplores” Trudeau’s Alberta comments. I’m starting to get the sense that this contest is going to be a whole lot of competing as to who loves Alberta more.

Here is your recap of last night’s political shows, talking about the votes on Omnibus Budget Bill 2: The Revenge, and the First Nations chiefs on the Hill.

And make of this what you will – Maxime Bernier was filming a segment with a French film crew, and was shown leaving his car key on top of his front tire, while his bag was still inside the car as he went jogging. He later said this was all a big joke, and there were no documents in the vehicle. And yet CTV is making a big deal out of this…