Roundup: That “worrying trend” in the oil sands

Industry minister Christian Paradis said there was a “worrying trend” in oil sands development, which is why they’ve drawn their line in the sand about state-owned enterprises – err, barring any yet-undefined “exceptional circumstances.” Meanwhile, Alison Redford is pleased with the decision, but wants clarity around some of the conditions, especially when it comes to corporate governance. In case you were wondering, here is a timeline of the Nexen and Progress Energy takeovers.

Changes to medical marijuana regulations may end up putting the onus more squarely on doctors to make prescriptions rather than requiring Health Canada approval – which seems entirely consistent with Leona Aglukkaq’s unspoken mandate to divest Health Canada of any and all responsibility for anything.

Backbench Conservative MPs are lobbying behind the scenes to restore some VIA rail cuts because of the effect they’re having on transit options in smaller and rural communities, especially in northern New Brunswick and southern Ontario.

Over on the East Cost, there is discussion that if the Maritime Union is a non-starter, then they should at least be looking to tackle some of the inter-provincial trade barriers to strengthen their economic ties.

Today in Liberal leadership race news, Marc Garneau wants increased foreign competition in the telecom sector.

Here is your recap of the Sunday morning political shows, where everyone is still talking Nexen and F-35s, and where Thomas Mulcair seems to be unaware about just who holds a lot of those shares in Nexen and Progress Energy (hint: it’s not jus Harper’s oil sector buddies).

And here’s a look at political holiday greeting cards past and present.