Roundup: Pilfered equipment and logistical nightmares

Some 400 containers of military equipment remain in Afghanistan, much of which has been pilfered after the land route to the port in Karachi was closed. But hey, it was all non-sensitive equipment, so this logistical nightmare remains the most cost-effective route, etcetera. Meanwhile, our Sea King helicopter replacements won’t be ready this year or next. I’m quite sure that by the time we do get them, they’ll be free given the amount of penalties that Sikorsky will have racked up by that point.

Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence’s hunger strike continues, and she demands a meeting with Harper and/or the Governor General and not the minister.

Economist Stephen Gordon shows why we won’t have effective climate policy in this country anytime soon – nobody wants to pay for it. And the research of climate groups proves it.

Uh oh – now Harper is weighing in on the NHL lockout. I’m sure everyone should be getting nervous any time now…

“Progressive” Liberals worry that the leadership candidates are veering too far to the “right” – never mind that those terms have lost all meaning when the Conservatives and NDP are more concerned with crass populism than they are with ideological leanings. These “Progressive” Liberals also seem to forget that the alienation of the “blue” or fiscally prudent Liberals is part of why their voter share has been dropping.

Meanwhile, in the Liberal leadership race, Marc Garneau is talking about a ban on assault rifles, and no, he won’t reintroduce the long-gun registry. Justin Trudeau, meanwhile, has angered pro-life Catholics.

Because apparently we’re still talking about the Mark Carney non-story (seriously, guys – a bored gossip columnist joining unconnected dots and the testimony of an apparent fabulist are not worth this much hand-wringing), John Geddes and Kady O’Malley wonder about which set of ethics rules apply to Carney, while former central banker Paul Boothe reminds us that Carney is a real person whose reputation is being stained by this speculation, and Paul Wells muses about the bigger picture, including the political cultures that are breeding this kind of speculation.

Here is your recap of last night’s political shows, talking First Nations hunger strikes, the fiscal outlook, and how Evan Solomon said “game changer” every seven words.

And Aaron Wherry rounds up the holiday greetings from MPs on YouTube.