Roundup: Late to the planning stages

Are we back? It feels like we’re back now.

Despite the fact that we should definitely be planning now for the 150th anniversary of Confederation celebrations that will happen in 2017, both the federal and many provincial governments remain rather mum on the subject, with the federal government barely giving handwavey signals that they are thinking about said anniversary, with things like the Museum of History announcement.

A report on the death of a Canadian soldier by Israeli forces was quietly removed from the DND website, a move that the soldier’s widow believes is a political move by the government meant to shield Israel from criticism.

As the US gets to work on its cyber-security issues, Canada will need to play a part given how integrated much of our infrastructure is.

Colin Horgan takes apart the talking points employed by leftists – most especially vapid narcissist Brigette DePape – about how the government winning only 39 percent of the voter share makes them somehow illegitimate (never mind that an actual “majority” voter share has only occurred three times when we’ve had more than two parties running, or that the popular vote figure is actually a logical fallacy that doesn’t actually exist because it’s counting fictional numbers). And here’s another takedown of her intellectually bankrupt arguments.

Here’s a look at motherhood in office – from expecting MPs Rosane Doré Lefebvre and Sana Hassainia, to the demands of travel on MPs like Lisa Raitt.

Colby Cosh wonders why Chief Theresa Spence needs a bank account in her boyfriend’s name to accept donations for the hunger strike. Meanwhile, amidst all of the people demanding that the Governor General meet with Chief Spence because of a misperception of how the relationship between the First Nations and the Crown operates, James Bowden provides a useful refresher about what the GG’s role is under responsible government.

The Liberals are using the “supporter” category of their leadership race voters to fill their voter identification database, after they ceded that territory to the Conservatives. Hot republican mess George Takach hopes to use that same power to get an “army of computer nerds” to support him. Good luck with that one.

Aaron Wherry recapped the year in political stories.

Here’s a great year-ending interview with Alison Redford.

And if you missed it, here was the Queen’s message, which was all about service – the theme of the Diamond Jubilee.