Roundup: Heading in a dangerous direction

Former Prime Minister Joe Clark met with Chief Theresa Spence on Saturday, and says that Canada and the First Nations are headed in a “dangerous direction,” and is calling for direct and honest dialogue. Spence then met with Liberal and NDP MPs and Senators on Sunday, who described her as “quite weak” but nevertheless determined. Meanwhile, here is a look at the persistent and unsolvable problems with the Attawapiskat reserve.

Ruh-roh! A number of hacker attacks were successful against the government’s computer systems last year, as they struggle to keep up with cyber-security requirements and vulnerabilities. It does make one wonder about how much logic there is in Shared Services putting everything under one system if that means that there is a single entry point to cripple multiple departments rather than having to attack each individual department.

And here’s an interesting little piece about the “Freeman on the Land” movement, and how CSIS and police believe they are a bigger problem than we might otherwise believe in Canada. It’s also a demonstration on how people are easily conned into believing conspiracy theory nonsense pushed by “gurus” selling DVDs and running seminars.