Roundup: Beware the simplistic statements

Today in Idle No More, NDP MP Charlie Angus warns that the demonstrations could get a lot uglier if Harper doesn’t meet with Aboriginal leaders. Columnist John Ivison cautions against the simplistic statements being traded in the protest, as the issues are complex and some of the assertions being made are as disingenuous as they are inflammatory.

The Mint starts withdrawing the penny from circulation in a month’s time.

Environment Canada commissioned an Ipsos poll with some pretty loaded questions about things like carbon taxes, and then the government put out an equally torqued release based on the results.

The government has decided that it’s okay to sell assault rifles that are banned in Canada to Colombia.

And in Justin Trudeau-related leadership news, he’s planning on running the campaign with the “gloves on” so as not to give the Conservatives fodder for future attack ads (though that ship may have sailed already), and doesn’t want to put out a detailed policy platform, since the party has had a problem of too much top-down pronouncements and not enough from the ground up (and considering that policy is supposed to come from the membership and not the leadership, he’s at least taking that responsibility seriously).