Roundup: Return of the Commons!

The Commons is back today! Hooray! Oh, my MPs, how I’ve missed (most of) you! Believe me, after weeks of instant constitutional “experts” lecturing me over the Twitter Machine about how we haven an absolute monarchy in this country, where the Queen and GG rule with iron fists and Responsible Government is but a figment of our imaginations, well, I’m ready for a change of pace. So bring on QP!

To prep you for the House’s return, here is Paul Wells’ take on how the three parties are positioning themselves as the sitting resumes. Mark Kennedy lists some questions that will likely need to be answered now. The Canadian Press looks at the fiscal situation, and how that will affect the conversation in the Commons. Michael Petrou shows you the five things that are most pressing on John Baird’s desk right now. Michael Den Tandt believes the energy file will be the one to watch this spring. An here is a look at some of the Private Members’ business coming up for debate.

Here’s a look at what Mark Carney had to tell the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Remember that helicopter that picked up Peter MacKay from a fishing trip under the guise of search and rescue training so that he could go to a re-announcement photo-op? Well, as it turns out, the bureaucrats recommended against even holding the event, preferring to issue a press release. But you know this government – ministerial good news announcements are a crucial part of their brand messaging, so they simply couldn’t forgo one, no matter the cost.

If you’re curious about what the process is in Ontario now that Kathleen Wynne has won the party leadership, while Dalton McGuinty hasn’t yet officially resigned, the Lieutenant Governor has this backgrounder for you.

Over in the federal Liberal leadership race, Joyce Murray talks more about electoral cooperation and along the way, compares Harper’s leadership to the Democratic Republic of Congo. Meanwhile, Justin Trudeau is busy touring Alberta, but he remains a tough sell there (though my sense from talking to people is that the younger crowd is more receptive to him, while old resentments still haunt the older demographic).

And here are the three things you should not have missed on the Sunday political shows. (Yes, Politics on TV is back. Let me know what you think of the new format).