QP: Reese Witherspoon and PM Trudeau

After Thomas Mulcair’s Reese Witherspoon moment this morning, a few Conservative MPs had “Stop Mulcair” signs at their desks, no doubt intending to make a big joke of it despite the prohibition against props in the Chamber. And joke they did, all through Members’ Statements and QP. Mulcair did not turn up for QP, and left it up to David Christopherson to shout his script about the $90,000 cheque Nigel Wright wrote. James Moore ignored the question, and went on a diatribe about the NDP believing that they’re above the law, with running stop signs and his MPs not paying their taxes. As Christopherson carried on shouting through his script, Moore carried on going about how Mulcair didn’t have the temperament to lead the country. Megan Leslie was up next and asked the same questions in French, James Moore kept up with his same swipes against Mulcair. Justin Trudeau was up next, and kept up with the questions on the cheque from Wright. Moore started by saying that it was a personal cheque so they didn’t have access go it, before going on to give a swipe about Senator Mac Harb. When Trudeau asked which sections of the Criminal Code the RCMP were investigating Wright. Moore said that the RCMP conduct their own affairs, and returned to swipes against Harb.

Charlie Angus started off round two, apparently asking questions from the alternate universe where Justin Trudeau is the Prime Minister (Moore: Aren’t the Liberals just awful — and so is Mulcair!), Alexandre Boulerice and Lysane Blanchette-Lamothe went back to the demands for the cheque (Moore: We don’t have access to personal cheques), Alexandrine Latendresse and Craig Scott demanded the bill on electoral reform — as though it makes any sense to table it solely for the purpose of dying on the Order Paper when Parliament is prorogued over the summer (Uppal: It will happen, give it time), and Pat Martin gave some random outrage about the process to replace the PBO (Van Loan: This is the same process as the last time). Joyce Murray and Scott Andrews wondered how many Conservatives were under investigation by Elections Canada (Poilievre: How many Liberals have been caught stuffing their pockets?) Paul Dewar and Hélène Laverdière asked about the job action by diplomatic staff (Saxton: Our government has made a fair offer), and Guy Caron and Don Davies asked about which concessions the government planned to make to get an expedited Canada-EU trade agreement (Keddy: We are making progress, negotiations are ongoing, there is no fixed date to conclude it).

Round three saw questions on the cancellation of a Museum of Civilisation exhibit on the history of undergarments, the failure of the Nutrition North programme, campaign issues, the Ring of Fire project, a leaking wreck off the coast of Newfoundland, a local airport issue, local Service Canada offices, and lump sum transfers to Quebec.

Overall, today was a gong show. And it was also apparently from an alternate universe where “Responsible Government” means holding the third party to account instead of the government. Time to send MPs home.

Sartorially speaking, snaps go out to Nina Grewal for a white pinstriped pantsuit with a black top, and to Scott Brison for a cream-coloured summer suit with a white shirt and navy tie. Style citations go out to Jonathan Genest-Jourdain for a light grey jacket with light blue slacks, a white striped shirt and a blue striped tie, and to Judy Foote for a leopard print dress with a tan jacket with some gold piping.