Roundup: Project Amble under way

The RCMP’s investigation into Senators Mike Duffy and Mac Harb has been dubbed Project Amble, apparently, and they’ve seized documents related to twelve election campaigns that Duffy was involved in, and according to court documents, they appear to be pursuing charges related to breach of trust – which is an indictable offence. And if you’re wondering about “Project Amble,” here’s a look into how the Toronto Police Service comes up with their operation names (not that it’s too illuminating).

On top of that, Liberal Senator Céline Hervieux-Payette has asked that the Senate Ethics Officer look into the conduct of Conservative Senator Pierre-Hughes Boisvenu, after he’s been trying to arrange for additional benefits for his former girlfriend/assistant after she got a new job in a Senate administration office. Hervieux-Payette asserts that the former assistant shouldn’t even be working in the Senate because of the relationship, and that he’s trying to get her additional benefits is a breach of ethics, and because nobody would speak up, she wants the investigation launched to protect the integrity of the institution.

Here is a look at the Senate’s legislative calendar, which looks like it’ll end up sitting into July to get everything passed after the Commons shoved a great many things through at the last minute. And yes, they are sitting today, which is unusual for a Friday.

Former Dragon’s Den denizen W. Brett Wilson looks at the whole issue of Trudeau’s speaking fees and comes up with a damning assessment of the Grace Foundation and their obvious incompetence. Meanwhile, the Foundation said that they agreed not to follow-up on Trudeau after his speaking bureau didn’t agree to refund his speaking fee, and that they didn’t approach Conservative MP Rob Moore to raise the issue, nor did they authorise it – though as we learned, one of their board members is part of Moore’s riding association. In fact, it seems that the speaker’s bureau was confused by the request for a refund because the Foundation previously indicated they were pleased with the outcome. So, yeah. There’s that. Oh, and here we find that one of the Foundation’s Board members creates art that Stephen Harper has purchased – thus making things look even cosier.

Jason Kenney says that Canada will resettle some more Syrian refugees, but one wonders if the pace will be any better than the ones he’s been promising to resettle for some time now.

Oh dear – Conservative MP Rick Dykstra is taking the transport minister to task for allowing a weight exemption that allegedly gave an unfair advantage to a Quebec company bidding for Coast Guard helicopters, that forced the other competitors to drop out of the competition.

There is an issue in the Navy around veterans wearing uniforms. Apparently they need permission from the head of the Navy to do so, and at a recent ceremony where a number of retired admirals attended in mess dress, serving officers who attended complained.

Aboriginal activists are promising to “increase tensions” over the summer, and to stop “business as usual” in Canada until the government is forced to act on six major demands, including a number that have been years in the works.

Our final rotation of troops to the Afghan training mission have now deployed, as the military starts looking to the logistical challenge of bringing $6 billion in materiel back to Canada. We’re still struggling with bringing our equipment back from Kandahar after port disputes and outright theft of cargo containers, years later.

Pundit’s Guide gives a look at the two federal by-elections that will need to be called to fill Denis Coderre and Bob Rae’s seats, and puts it in the context of a number of provincial by-elections in Ontario, a general election coming up in Nova Scotia, and the oncoming Montreal mayoral race in the fall. Here’s a look at some potential names that might run in Toronto Centre.

And iPolitics looks at some Conservative MPs who may get promoted to ministers in an upcoming shuffle – assuming of course that the right geographic considerations end up being satisfied (which I’m not entirely sure they will be).