Roundup: Yet more trouble for Brazeau

In case you thought that an investigation for Breach of Trust wasn’t bad enough, the RCMP are also digging into media allegations that Senator Patrick Brazeau has long used his father-in-law’s address on a Quebec reserve in order to get a preferential tax rate, even though he’s never lived there. Yeah, it’s not looking good at all…

While in Quebec City, Stephen Harper spoke about how the Energy East west-east pipeline will create energy security in Canada, but wouldn’t give job figures to contradict what President Obama has been saying about the Keystone XL pipeline.

Elections Canada has found some 41 incidents of ineligible corporate donations to individual campaigns in the 2011 election. In pretty much every case, once it was found out they were told to either return the money or pay the amount to the Receiver General.

Some Senate service offices are relocating to the National Press Building, and the swank renovations put the rest of the building to shame – and no, there are currently no plans to renovate other floors.

The overtime costs for border officers on long weekends goes into the millions of dollars – but suggests that there may actually a staffing crisis within CBSA rather than, you know, cancelling long weekends.

There is talk that the Pentagon may axe the F-35s if they aren’t spared from automatic budget cuts – though others think that the F-35s will be protected because of the advances in technology that they represent.

Based on a complaint by NDP MP Yvon Godin, the Language Commissioner wants John Baird to get rid of his remaining gold-embossed English-only business cards, no matter that he has a set of bilingual cards that he also hands out where appropriate. And yes, these are the very same gold-embossed cards that contravene Treasury Board guidelines that were the subject of the infamous “golden showers” exchange during that QP a couple of years ago, for which Baird got all pissy with media outlets who covered the story.

Apparently the leader of the Pirate Party will be running in the Toronto Centre by-election.

Conservative Senator Bob Runciman calls out Brad Wall’s bizarre crusade against the Senate, before he goes on a paean about the wonders of a “democratically legitimate” Senate, oblivious to the partisan gridlock and loss of grown-up policy work that would be the end result.

iPolitics has an amusing flow-chart of questions to ask yourself if you want to run to be an MP.

And Rick Mercer tries to find a name for the August long weekend, to little end.