Roundup: That fictional “crippling tax hike”

This particular exchange dominated my Twitter Machine feed over the weekend. And lo, it’s some of the same tired, disingenuous rhetoric that over this same issue we’ve been talking about for weeks, because apparently, that’s how we roll.

Of course, the point is to be disingenuous and raise a panic so that they can fundraise and data mine over it with this petition that Rempel is pushing, which is a model of political engagement that we really, really need to stop doing in this country, but unfortunately, we’re in the “If it works…” line of thinking, never mind the broader consequences.

Erin O’Toole decided he wanted to get in on the action to complain that these changes would affect “competitiveness.”

Because you know, facts are hard. And hey, Kevin Milligan went through and modelled the impact that those tax changes will actually have, and shockingly, it’s not what the Conservatives are trying to insist will happen. Imagine that.

Milligan left it with this helpful reminder that questioning is a good thing, but also reminded us that he too can bring the shade.

Good reads:

  • Justin Trudeau marched in Ottawa’s Pride Parade, while General Vance led a large military contingent for the first time ever (video here). The RCMP were absent.
  • Donald Trump says Canada is being “difficult” and will probably tear up NAFTA. Canadian officials are shrugging it off as bluster.
  • Here’s a look at some Haitian asylum seekers, and why they decided to try their luck at the Canadian border.
  • It is expected that Liberal MP Darshan Kang will be booted from caucus as the investigation into sexual harassment allegations wraps up.
  • Robert-Falcon Ouellette, who agitated to remove the name of the Langevin Block, is perfectly fine with Sir John A Macdonald.
  • Here’s a look at other schools named for prime ministers in this country.
  • Lawyers and law professors assess Mike Duffy’s case, and spoiler alert, it’s a long shot, especially in the amount he’s asking.
  • Omar Khadr is looking to vary his bail conditions to go to nursing school in Red Deer and to have unfettered access to his sister.
  • Andrew Scheer doesn’t want “extreme examples” to shade his campus free speech pledge.
  • The NDP had a French-language leadership debate in Montreal, which of course was sucked into debating secularism vs religious freedom.

Odds and ends:

3 thoughts on “Roundup: That fictional “crippling tax hike”

  1. Would have guessed Mr. Kang’s tentative booting from caucus of would have been more job security in the federal Cabinet for Min. Hehr as the sole MP from Calgary on the Government benches? No secret Min. Hehr wasn’t who Team Trudeau wanted in Calgary Centre. That was Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi’s Chief of Staff Chima Nkemdirim who co-chaired the 2014 Liberal Convention along with Jody Wilson-Raybould. Seems examples like Chima Nkemdirim in Calgary Centre or Michèle Audette in Manicouagan or Rana Sarkar in Don Valley North not getting the nomination gets ignored in those “Did the PMO use undue influence in this or that nomination?” stories.

  2. I find it interesting to hear from the Tory spin merchants like Ms. Rempel who hop on any and all proposals for tax reform or tax fairness. The way Canada finances services that even the staunchest conservatives feel are essential are by taxes. It is ironic and disingenuous to hear Tories take this line when they ran up the largest deficits over 8 years in Canadian history. I guess that tax evasion by those who can avail themselves of such steps are the mantra of Tories. As Trump would say….sad.

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