Roundup: A shambolic process delivering Ford

It was a shambolic affair from start to finish, from the court challenge around the deadlines, the problems with the voting itself, and in the end, thousands of misallocated ballots and a result where Christine Elliott won more votes in more ridings, but Doug Ford managed to get more of the allocated points and won the leadership on a narrow victory. Elliott did not concede for the better part of a day later, and the feeling is that this all could very well be Kathleen Wynne’s “lifeline,” though one probably shouldn’t count Ford out the way that people counted Donald Trump out.

And lo, we will be inundated with Ford/Trump comparisons for the coming weeks, and analyses of whether these comparisons are fair or not.

Chris Selley notes the big risk that the Ontario PC party takes with Ford, while Paul Wells notes how Ontario conservatism is a bigger tent and stranger coalition than most people may take for granted.

I’m hoping that out of this, we finally start having a real conversation about how leadership contests are run, because it’s ridiculous. Sure, the partisans will close ranks around this, and we’ll get the voices that insist that this is the best way to grow the party, but it just perpetuates the same cycle. You’re not actually growing the party – you’re creating a number used for shock and awe purposes, and giving an even bigger “democratic mandate” to a leader who will then abuse it to consolidate power. It happens time and again, and we need to have a real conversation about restoring accountability to our politics. Maybe Ford will be the last straw, but I find myself pessimistic that it will change much.

Good reads:

  • Chrystia Freeland says that while the Trumpocalypse is trying to tie tariffs to NAFTA negotiations, they are operating on separate tracks and won’t pressure the talks.
  • Freeland also says that when she met her Indian counterpart, she explained that Jaspal Atwal’s invitation to that reception was an honest mistake.
  • The government reversed a decision not to fund the production of books in an accessible format for the blind hours after they were called out on it.
  • The current theory is that the charge of breach of trust against VADM Mark Norman goes beyond leaks and into sensitive procurement politics.
  • Here is a look at privacy breaches made by StatsCan with some incidents in how they collected census data, and how they lost forms in other cases.
  • With Karina Gould having given birth, here is yet another story on MPs bringing infants into the Chamber.
  • Brad Trost has lost his nomination challenge for the 2019 election.

Odds and ends:

iPolitics has a profile of Celina Caesar-Chavannes.

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  1. Ontario will vote Ford and his rickshaw party in simply because Wynne is so baggage laden anyone with a pulse would win. After 4 years of social pain he will be out on his rear.

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