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Hey, everyone! 2018 is the year I’ve decided to step things up, and launch a channel to provide even more content to you. But in order to do that, I’m launching a Patreon to help fund it. It will also help to me keep up the operation of this blog as well, because it’s been a labour of love up until now, and that’s two to three hours every day spent on doing the reading, the research, and the writing to create the content that everyone enjoys.

I’m hoping for great things in the coming months, and I want to thank everyone for your support.

9 thoughts on “Help Routine Proceedings expand

  1. I’d be more than happy to help you but I don’t use credit cards. Is there someplace I can send a cheque? (Note the Canadian spelling… 😉 )

  2. Dale,

    All the best in launching the new channel. I hope I will be able to watch your reports on the bicameral Parliament of Canada.

    Hope you will continue to cover the Senate as it is the Upper House of Parliament. Didn’t you say once that the Members of the Senate – Members of Parliament that are styled as Senators are better asking questions of expert witnesses than the elected Members of House of Commons – Members of Parliament? How can we get CPAC to cover the Senate? How can we get the Senate to webcast/broadcast their sittings to the Canadian people?

    All the best Dale,

    Ronald A. McCallum

    • Of course I’ll continue covering the Senate! The temporary chamber in the Government Conference Centre is being wired for broadcast, which means CPAC will be carrying it (likely online only) once the move happens. You can currently access audio broadcasts of Senate proceedings from the Senate’s website.

      • Dale,

        That’s good that CPAC will carrying the Senate proceedings. Personally, I like the idea of setting up CPAC 2 to carry Senate proceedings on cable sometime in the future as not everyone is online.

        I think the temporary House of Commons is great as the public galleries as they appear online as images as the members of the public are in the chamber rather behind the pillars as in the present Centre Block House of Commons chamber.

        I hope that the Senate’s temporary chamber will be open as well.

        All the best,

        Ronald A. McCallum

  3. Send out the details as they are available. I’ll be a supporter, love your column

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