About Dale Smith

dale4-colour-lighter-2016-smallerI’ve been a member of the Canadian Parliamentary Press Gallery since 2008, and I have a fairly obsessive knowledge about Canadian politics. Much of that knowledge is about the institutions of parliament itself, which are fundamental to understanding how Canadian politics works. I first got my taste of politics as a page in the Alberta Legislature back in high school, and when I later moved to Ottawa, that interest turned into a full-time career in reporting on federal politics. Later on, when I did my Masters in Journalism, I examined the role of community-of-interest media in the Press Gallery, for which I learned more about the history of the Gallery. I currently have a book on Canadian democracy, The Unbroken Machine, which was released in March 2017.

I am currently a regular freelance journalist covering the Hill and I write primarily for Reuters and The Law Times these days, as well as having a twice-weekly column on LooniePolitics.com, and I am a frequent op-ed contributor to Maclean’s. Previously, I wrote the Politics on TV column for Macleans.ca, I was a contributor to the Xtra chain, which included maintaining a political blog for the Xtra.ca website, and I also served as the Political Editor for Outlooks – Canada’s GLBT Magazine. I have contributed to Canadian Business, Canadian Lawyer, Market News International, Ottawa Xpress, the Hill Times, Blacklock’s Reporter, the Ottawa Citizen, The National PostThe Canadian Press, QMI/Postmedia and iPolitics.ca.

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