Roundup: Pushback, rhetoric and hyperbole

Some Conservative ministers are quietly concerned that the pushback over the omnibus budget bill will mean that it will become harder for them to get away with such tactics in the future. Aaron Wherry tries to put it into context with fears in omnibus legislation past, and reminds us that the price for democracy is eternal vigilance. Here’s a look at the rhetoric and hyperbole that has accompanied the bill and the vote-a-thon.

After years of delays, Stephen Harper announced that Canada will be building a new Windsor-Detroit bridge.

A BC Superior court has struck down the ban on assisted suicide. The federal government is reviewing the decision, but will likely appeal, especially as a private member’s bill on the subject was defeated only a couple of years ago (which really isn’t surprising considering how afraid Parliamentarians are of making important decisions and wanting the courts to do it for them so that they can shift the blame for any fall-out).

Uh oh – the government just lost another court battle over attempts to cut the immigration backlog, which doesn’t bode well for those portions of C-38 that seek to further “delete” the backlog.

More trouble for Dean Del Mastro – Elections Canada says they only want to meet with him if he’s prepared for the fact that what he says can be used against him in court – in other words, it’s that serious that it’s in the realm of criminal charges. Meanwhile, employees of his cousin’s company were en masse donating $1000 each to his campaign in that same election, and it is alleged that the company reimbursed them – with a bonus – for doing so.

A former Harper staffer has been named as breaching lobbying rules – not that the breach actually carries a penalty.

Here’s a look at the government’s spending on War of 1812 commemoration in the face of budget cuts elsewhere.

And here’s your latest in the “Will he or won’t he?” news of Justin Trudeau’s potential Liberal leadership bid. Jean Chrétien also chimes in with his two cents.