Roundup: Support through cuts

The government is showing continued support for the federal Youth Justice Services Funding Programme by slashing its funding by twenty percent. Also, the chocolate ration was increased from 30 grammes to 25. Doubleplusgood!

The Ethics Commissioner wants stricter guidelines when it comes to reporting the gifts that MPs receive – and the power to fine those that don’t report them.

In light of the Brazeau incident, Senator LeBreton is suggesting that the Senate’s attendance rules be reviewed.

Here’s a look at the rebellious Tory backbenches in the UK, especially in the era of coalition governance. Perhaps this should be a warning to everyone who thinks that coalition governments will be all about peace, love and cooperation.

Here’s a look back at the creation of our flag and the “identity crisis” that prompted it.

Aaron Wherry rounds up all of the Canada Day messages from MPs and party leaders.

Maclean’s gives us the intersection of Canadian politics and Toronto Pride.

And Richard Gwyn channels Sir John A to talk about Canada in 2012, which is a pretty neat piece.