Roundup: Quiet backtracking on refugee healthcare

It seems that the federal government has quietly backtracked on some of the changes it’s making to providing health care for refugees. In particular, ministerial instructions went up on the department website which said that government-assisted refugees would continue to receive benefits, which was not the case in the lead-up to the passage of the budget implementation bill. Of course, some of the rollbacks will continue, but they won’t be quite as draconian as previously announced.

The NDP want an explanation from the outgoing Commissioner of Elections as to why he stepped down in the middle of the robo-calls investigation (never mind that his plans had been in the works for months and months).

With the appeal to the Supreme Court a week away, things are heating up in Etobicoke Centre in anticipation of a by-election there.

Oh, look – even more delays with the Sikorsky helicopters that are supposed to replace the aging Sea Kings! Who would have guessed? (And at this point, isn’t Sikorsky supposed to pay out enough in penalties that we should be getting these things for free?)

And here’s a bit of contrast between the upgrades that Bev Oda requested for her stay at the Savoy (which she eventually paid out of her own pocket) versus those a senior bureaucrat in Edmonton requested for a visiting minister, and the due diligence applied. There may be a lesson involved somewhere (though it may not matter if Oda is shuffled out of cabinet, as is the speculation from everyone, including members of her own caucus).