Roundup: Officially staying out of the Quebec Election

In the event you missed it, an election was called in Quebec, with a date of September 4th set. With the writs now dropped, Paul Wells breaks down the situation here, while Mark Kennedy reports that both the Conservatives and the NDP are officially steering clear of the election, though some Liberals plan to help out individual campaigns in their ridings. I’m curious to see how long this holds out for all NDP MPs, and which party it is any of their MPs will be supporting if they do end up helping out.

A judicial review by the Federal Court has ruled that it was unreasonable for the federal government to impose a third party manager on Attawapiskat to deal with the housing crisis there, and that the band is entitled to the costs of having said manager imposed.

The Canadian Wheat Board is officially dead. Stephen Harper and company celebrated this at a farm in Saskatchewan, where Harper also invoked the Royal Prerogative of Mercy to pardon those farmers who had been arrested for breaking the former monopoly.

The federal government’s annual report on its advertising spending is now two years overdue, with no timeline in sight for when it might be released. Accountability and transparency, everyone!

What’s that? Stephen Harper won’t be attending the First Minister’s meeting in November? You don’t say! I for one am shocked.

The NDP still refuse to disclose how much they had to pay back in improper union sponsorships, and have delayed reporting until the annual returns are filed.

Here’s a look at the search to find a replacement of the Chief of Defence Staff.

A manager at Corrections Canada is now off the job after he was caught scheming with an inmate.

And here’s Bev Oda’s farewell interview with Power & Politics. She regrets nothing.