Roundup: Back-to-work bill on track for tonight

Expect today to be taken up with the back-to-work legislation around the CP Rail strike. Because of the way things are laid out procedurally, the vote on time allocation will take place this evening, at which point the bill will take precedence over everything and debate and votes – limited to a couple of hours – will go into the evening. It should be noted that the bill is far more fair and even-handed than previous examples under this government, according to many, though it’s still derided as an attack on the rights of workers.

As Thomas Mulcair prepares for his trip to Alberta – and Fort McMurray in particular – he’s toning down his language somewhat, while his critics out there are sharpening their own words.

Ted Opitz has appealed the overturning of the Etobicoke Centre election results to the Supreme Court at the last minute, but hasn’t exactly been clear on the grounds for the appeal. The Supreme Court is supposed to hear this without delay, and render a quick judgement, per the Elections Act.

Two former (Progressive) Conservative fisheries ministers are sounding the alarm about the changes to the Fisheries Act contained in the omnibus budget bill. Meanwhile, here’s a look at how the committee hearings into the bill are going.

The inquiry into the Auditor General’s F-35 report at the Public Accounts committee looks like it’s about to come to a close, as the Conservative majority on the committee feels they’ve heard enough to write their report.

Senator Romeo Dallaire says we need a new defence white paper to provide some kind of policy guidance for the Canadian Forces in the age of budget cuts and to determine its course over the next decade. The last white paper was written in 1994, and the world has changed a great deal since then.

RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson says the Force’s outdated disciplinary policy is part of what’s making it so difficult to get rid of the “bad apples” in the ranks, but he is pledging to make changes.

That internal report that supposedly cleared Veterans Affairs of malice in those privacy breaches is raising a number of questions in terms of the government’s responses (such as the settlement with Sean Bruyea) if the report cleared them of wrongdoing.

Renovations to the West Block are allegedly on time and on budget. But it’s still early days, right?

Conservative lobbyists say the PMO’s “bunker mentality” has lessened under Nigel Wright’s tenure as chief of staff. We The Media aren’t quite so sure.

And here’s a look at the positive side of patronage appointments.