Roundup: Detaining refugees versus the Charter

Apparently an internal report at Citizenship and Immigration says that the government should consider detaining Roma refugees if the new changes to the Act don’t stem the tide of claimants. It’s a bit hard to see how that would be squared with the Charter, considering it would be arbitrary detention and racial profiling, no?

The National Energy Board is now demanding that report from the Enbridge spill in Michigan two years ago as part of the Northern Gateway review panel. Thomas Mulcair, meanwhile, considers the project dead, while still calling the oil sands an “important resource.” Okay then.

Despite Conservative promises that the whole F-35 purchase was going to be frozen and rethought, Lockheed Martin says there’s no change on their end and we appear to be going full steam ahead.

Oh, look – cuts to Corrections Canada despite an increasing prisoner population. You don’t say!

Dear Green Party – No. You do not write to the Queen to ask for a Royal Commission on robo-calls. It’s not her job, and you’re just embarrassing yourselves. Just stop. Also, you may want to look up what Responsible Government means, since you appear to not understand the basic tenets of our parliamentary democracy.

Thomas Mulcair paid tribute to Jack Layton during a stop in Brampton on the weekend. PostMedia takes a look at where the NDP is one year after Layton’s death.

The very first (interim) leader of the modern Conservative party died on the weekend.

The NDP have decided to resume their Potemkin committees, this time holding one on the F-35s on Tuesday.

Use of force incidents are down at Canadian border posts.

Tonda MacCharles talks to Conservative Senator Vern White about his first six months on the job.

Over in the Calgary Centre by-election, outgoing MP Lee Richardson thinks that his former riding association president, Greg McLean, should be the one to replace him.

And PostMedia has a lengthy look at Justin Trudeau and his suitability for political leadership.